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Beech Creek Borough & Authority

51 Locust Street, P.O. Box 216, Beech Creek, PA 16822 570-962-2291

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Beech Creek Borough
Beech Creek Water Authori
Beech Creek Sewer Authori
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Emergencies: call 570-660-5610 Randy Peters or
570-660-5611 Ken Wheeler

Office Hours

Monday 7 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Tuesday 7 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Wednesday 7 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Thursday 7 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Friday 7 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Meeting Schedule:
Water/Sewer Authority: 1st Monday of each month at 7 pm
Borough Council: 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm
These dates are subject to change if a holiday or election day falls on the scheduled meeting date. The meeting will then be held the following week unless otherwise advertised.

Borough Council members:






Bill Kessinger, President


Blaine Kunes, Vice President


Justin Kline, Mayor



Craig Lindsey, Recreation


Greg Small, Building



Tim Bittner, Insurance


Mike English, Personnel


Melvin Coakley, Vehicles



Water & Sewer Authority members:





Jim Watson, Chairman


Ken Packer, Vice Chairman


Dave Peters



Jay Bitner




Greg Mayes



Water and Sewer bills will be mailed out the 1st week of January, April, July, and October 
For your convenience, Automatic Payments are available from Beech Creek Water and Sewer Authority.
Moving into or out of our service area? 
Please include the property address, date needed,
your name, and email address or fax number. 
Need more information?
How safe is your drinking water? 
Access the 2013 Consumer Confidence Drinking  Water Report here

2014 Residential water and sewer rates:
Water:$40.00/quarter with a 10,000 gallon allowance
For each additional 1000 gallons add $6.00 
Sewer:  $135.00/quarter
(Minimum per quarter $175.00 or $58.33/month)  
We encourage you to conserve and use water wisely to not only keep your water bill low, but to conserve our natural resources.
2015 Residential water and sewer rates: 


Water:$44.00/quarter with a 10,000 gallon allowance
For each additional 1000 gallons add $6.00 
Sewer:  $150.00/quarter
(Minimum per quarter $194 or $64.67/month)







Sign up and be notified when a water line break, flushing of the lines, or other emergency situation arises that may cause a boil water notice!
Although waterborne diseases are extremely rare, they can be serious for infants, the elderly or persons with immune deficiency disorders.
 In our efforts to provide quicker, more reliable communications with our residents and businesses in the borough, we have implemented Swiftreach Networks, Inc. as our Emergency Notification service provider. This system, called Swift911, makes phone calls to specific people or areas in the event of an emergency or for sharing important information. All calls received will have the Caller ID "Beech Creek Borough Authority".
If you are not receiving these calls, please click on the link below to add or update your contact information. 
  Contact us:




Beech Creek Borough & Authority
Phone number:  570-962-2291
Fax number:  570-962-3842
Address:  P.O. Box 216,  Beech Creek, PA 16822
E-mail address:

For water or sewer emergencies, please call 570-660-5610 or